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Cantona: Nasri’s celebration a retort to journalists

Sat, Jun 23, 2012


Eric Cantona has stated that Samir Nasri’s goal celebration after scoring against England at Euro 2012 was a way of saying piss off to the French media.

“The guy feels attacked. Why not? I hope that the criticism was constructive for him; they wounded him and caused him to rebel,” Cantona told Le Monde.

“If you look at it, it was him saying ‘thank you motherf***er journalists’.”

The former Leeds man went on to state that the money pumped into the game by the media is the reason that modern players get paid so handsomely.”

“Football is a system where players are the main actors. Where there is football, there are television channels that pay hundreds of millions of dollars for broadcast rights and you, journalists, you sell your newspapers talking about football because it is the most popular sport.”

“If there was no TV, no sponsors, the players would pay for a jersey. So to push the argument to the extreme; the media’s coverage of the sport is primarily responsible [for the players' high wages],” he concluded.

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