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Cantona: I like to do action movies

Sun, Apr 1, 2012

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Eric Cantona has revealed that he is enjoying his new career as an action movie star.

Cantona is currently appearing in Switch as Damien Forgeat, a man brought in to investigate a young woman’s murder in Paris.

“For me it is all the same – it’s an expression – find a way to express myself. Football, cinema – it is all the same,” he told Sky News.

“I like to do action – to prove that I am still in good shape. I wanted to do something else. I am lucky to do movies, to be on stage.”

Cantona admitted that he found the transition from football to acting tough at first, but he was glad to have persevered.

“The first year was a bit difficult for me because I did not have a lot of experience. People need time also to accept I can do something else.

“For me it’s very important for me, and to encourage other people, that we can do something else – everything is possible.”

Cantona also backed Manchester United to retain this season’s Premier League title, adding that United’s experience will be key in deciding who wins the title.

He said on Sky News: “I think it will be United. They have a lot of experience in the last games.

“They have won a lot of titles. They are used to being in this kind of pressure. I think it will make the difference.”

For the full Sky News interview:

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