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Neville: Every fan respects Cantona for kung-fu kick

Sun, Apr 10, 2011


Gary Neville believes football fans have nothing but respect for the way Eric Cantona unleashed his kung-fu kick on terrace boo boys.

At the end of a week when Wayne Rooney earned himself a two-match ban for using foul language after scoring a hat-trick, Neville recalled the night 16 years ago when Cantona floored Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons with a kung-fu kick.

Neville said: “If you asked 100 per cent of football fans – and not just United fans – what they now think about that incident they probably respect Eric for doing what he did.

“Supporters think, ‘well yeah, he was having a go, he was criticising’, and I believe Eric now gets a level of respect for reacting like he did.

“It was all about passion and emotion. Alright, you can’t condone a player going into the stands and doing what Eric did.

“But the reality is that’s real life. That’s what football is. You’re going to get that forever more.”

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  1. Mr5 Says:

    The kick was justified…i would have followed it with a b*tch slap.

    well played Eric, and thank you for all the beautiful memories.

    ooh ahh

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