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BBC Interview with Cantona about New York Cosmos

Thu, Jan 20, 2011


The BBC spoke to Eric Cantona after he joined the New York Cosmos. Here are excerpts from that interview.

So Eric, thanks for speaking on this. Just a few questions about you and Cosmos. Firstly, it’s been said that the team will be launched in 2013, isn’t that a long way off?
The conception was beautiful, a thing of passion and purpose and now we must enter the pregnancy before we can give birth to the child that will be Cosmos. As you will know, the gestation period for a human is 9 months but with Cosmos the birth will not be until 2013. A long hard pregnancy maybe but an African Elephant has a gestation period of nearly two years and the result is the most impressive animal on the savannah.

Ok, you’ve said that Cosmos will be a mixture of football and art, can you explain this further?
A man has to ask himself ‘Can there be a mixture of football and art?’ as football IS art and therefore from a narrow perspective maybe art IS football. It is not something I can explain for you but something that you have to find the answers for within.

Right, any ideas though how we may see art on the football pitch?
For example, should one of our players be unhappy at the decision of a match referee and feel the need to protest then we will not tolerate any obscenities or barracking. Instead he and his teammates must display their grievance through the medium of mime.

How do you think Manchester United supporters will feel about your involvement with a new club?
If you have one child, you love them. If you have two children, do you love them each less? As my boat sails forth on this adventure, well stocked with sardines, it will never replace my feelings for Manchester United, just expand my soul to feel more.

Does this mark the end of your acting career?
Acting cannot be restricted by a career, this is a misconception. Acting is all around us, for example if I told you your tie was nice would I be lying just to pay you a compliment? No, I joke as your tie is nice. Or is it? You see you are now not aware of my true opinions on your tie as I have acted one way or another.

The team does not have a stadium or any players or even a license to play in Major League Soccer, do these not seem like big hurdles?
If you were a hurdler and beginning a race and the hurdles seemed too big and fearsome then you would not soar over them. I now have my feet in the blocks ready to start, if I clip a hurdle then I will not fall but continue and at the line I will bow my head to be sure of victory. I await the fire of the starting gun and I will be the first one out.

What if you make a false start?
What has that to do with anything? We are talking about building a football club, if you’re going to go off track we’ll leave it there.

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