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Christine Lagarde tells Cantona to stick to football

Thu, Dec 2, 2010


Christine Lagarde, France’s finance minister has told Cantona to stick to his speciality (football) and not interfere in how the financial system works.

“Mr Cantona is no stranger to controversy. He is a great footballer, but I’m not sure we need to pay heed to all his suggestions,” Ms Lagarde said.

“Each to their own,” Lagarde said, when asked about Cantona’s proposal. “There are those who play football magnificently, and I would not dare to try. I think it’s best for everyone to stick to their own speciality.”

In a filmed interview last month that became a YouTube hit (YouTube video available below), Cantona called for a revolution, asking millions of to start withdrawing their money from their banks.

Cantona’s call has been taken up by Stop Banque, a France-based movement that is advocating a run on banks on Dec. 7.

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  1. V07768198309 Says:


    Attention! BankRun 2010:

    BankRun 2010 is a movement initiated by retired football player Eric Cantona. It organizes a massive collective withdrawals of money from the banks. It is organised on the Internet by a network of Facebook events.

    I thought as many others that the movement initiated by Eric Cantona was spontaneous and naive and thought that I could hang myself to it in order to establish La Nouvelle Économie. After a Skype discussion with Géraldine Feuillien I came to the conclusion that it was a movement whose brain manipulator is still unknown but whose purpose is to establish an economic system probably fascist that will emerge by terror rather than a movement that will foster the economic interests of each of us.

    The page of our community contains precious instructions concerning measures to be taken before December 7 to preserve your life savings.

    La Nouvelle Économie

  2. vincent Says:

    Bonjour tout le monde, bonjour Eric,

    Il est devenu courant d’afficher son mépris en guise de réponse ou d’argumentaire, Madame la ministre est au point sur cette technique.
    Personnellement j’apprécie la démarche de Cantona, qu’un citoyen se mouille la chemise pour dénoncer un système pourri, et proposer publiquement l’adhésion à un mouvement capable peut-être… de fragiliser le système. Je n’ai pas tout à fait la même analyse que toi, Eric, il me semble évident que pour casser ce système il faut se prendre en main parce que sinon, le merdier ira jusqu’au bout.
    Par contre je pense que la cible est ailleurs, pas les banques, mais la consommation : c’est en cassant cette dynamique folle d’une surconsommation permanante qu’on peut ébranler tout le système, pas seulement les banques ( d’ailleurs les gens qui ont de l’argent en banque, il n’y en a pas tant que cela, et puis après avoir retirer ton argent, tu en fait quoi ? Ca va générer une situation d’insécurité chez ces personnes.)A mon sens, la dynamique qui peut toucher tous les citoyens, c’est celle d’un appel à limiter au maximum toutes ses dépenses pour ne consommer que le stricte nécessaire ( le seul projet affiché de croissance réside dans la consommation des ménages, c’est vraiment pitoyable comme projet politique, non ? )
    Voilà, bravo Eric, continu, il faut montrer le chemin.

  3. Nicolas Says:

    @ Vincent

    Il y a une formule très simple pour utiliser son argent c’est de le délocaliser en toute légalité comme indiqué dans le site Web :

    A bon entendeur salut

  4. roberto Says:

    WE ARE THE POWER not the bankers
    go ahead CANTONA great idea , great movement,banks are not invencible, they neeed to serv us ,they forgot their place in tthe world. can remind they ,,,just do it !!!!

  5. yannis Says:

    V07768198309 …. get real … brain manipulator … you fool … who has more power over finances than the cow LaGarde … how can it be more fascist than it is now ? who is running the European bank . If you don’t know your ars from your elbow don’t post anything and don’t copy past someone else comments ! think for yourself …they already running the entire world .
    Anyone who claims it could be worse than now is a IDIOT !
    1.5 trillion bailout in the US = 350.000 Dollars for evey homeless and unemployed person in the US …. So instead they all live on the streets and the banks own their houses . First time in history corporations own more property in the US than all citizens together !

    Where do we sign up for a 2nd , uncorrupted Red Army Fraction !
    It’s simple once you hang one of the financial terrorists the successor will think about his actions !

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