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Neil Ruddock on how he irritated Cantona

Tue, Oct 12, 2010


Former Liverpool defender and football hardman Neil Ruddock has revealed the reason behind his famous on-pitch spat with Eric Cantona.

Speaking at The Forum in Barrow, Ruddock said that the incident where he turned down the Frenchman’s collar was a match tactic, rather than a response to jibes about his weight.

Ruddock told the audience: “Every time we went out on that pitch, he destroyed me, so I had to put him off. I turned his collar down and he swung for me. By the end of it, all he wanted to do was fight me.”

“I got into his head. He was easier to play against after that.”

“There was a rumour he smelt of garlic but I never got close enough to see whether that was true.”

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  1. yoan Says:

    un rocher face à l’écume!
    félicitations pour votre carrière

  2. Rob Ross Says:

    Typical sassanach response from Ruddock. He wouldn’t try it in Scotland.

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