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Cantona: I’m Behind England

Thu, May 20, 2010

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Eric Cantona has once again courted controversy by declaring that he will be supporting England at the World Cup in South Africa this summer, and not his native Les Bleus.

In an article in free newspaper Metro, Cantona said, “I will support England. I am half Marseilles, half English.” He also added that he wouldn’t be attending the World Cup in South Africa, but would be fully behind the English team as they strive to win their first trophy in over 40 years.

Cantona has won most of his trophies in England, and is lauded as one of the most iconic and talented players the Premier League has ever seen. He is also attributed to leading Manchester United to their glory years in the 1990s, and is so revered in Manchester they still chant his name at games.

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  1. uptowngirl34 Says:

    My man, Eric Cantona! He can’t lose! Great at football, and tops as an actor in Looking For Eric. Cantona FTW

  2. Dick Lafarga Says:

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