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Cantona Connection officially re-launched

Mon, Jun 15, 2009

Announcements, Featured

Cantona Connection (http://www.ericcantona.com) has been officially re-launched after a hiatus of a couple of years.

In tandem with the launch of Cantona’s new movie, Looking for Eric – we have decided to come out of our hiatus! The new site design comprises more of the latest news on Cantona, sightings of Cantona, videos on Cantona’s goals in the past, new advertisements and much more.

The Fans
Our site wouldn’t be back online if there weren’t Cantona fans around, so do help us ensure the site is populated and gets more interactive.

Spotted Cantona somewhere? Took a photo with him? Let us know!

Future Updates
Please bear with us as we try to add more features along the way, with more pictures & videos to come!

In the meantime, enjoy the new website!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Hans-Juergen Says:

    Dear Eric,

    When I am looking on your personal Website, I can not believ that
    your current ations / doing and thinking about the banking system and the help for the poor people is real true. I think that your sepcial way to attract attion in order to make more money for you!!

    Should I be on the wrong track, so please convice me.

    Best regards

  2. Natalie Says:

    Hi there hope you well, my boyfriend suffers with manic depression an bipola an is very down at the moment an most days cant even face the day an just stays in bed, i know he loves eric cantona he thinks he is a legendary football player as football means the world to him would it be possible to send him a signed football programme or picture of eric or anythin with his signature on i know this would cheer him up an put a smile back on his face.! I thankyou from
    the bottom
    of my heart if you could do this:) x
    ps/ ur contact form
    does not work an i would lve this autograph from u eric:)

    kindest regards
    natalie holt:) xx

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