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Pallister: Cantona was one of the lads

Fri, Oct 10, 2008


In an interview with the Guardian in line with the launch of his new book, Pally, Gary Pallister mentioned Eric Cantona.

You certainly did. Tell us, what was Eric Cantona like as a colleague? Just one of the lads?
Yes, he really was. Obviously he came with this reputation as the enfant terrible but we never saw that. Whenever Bryan Robson called his Tuesday meetings – which meant all day at the pub – Eric would come along and I think it’s fair to say it was an event he approved of! The only difference between Eric and the rest of the lads was that it got to a point where he had to have a security man with him, but that was just a reality he had to accept and it didn’t affect the way he was. Basically I think he found happiness at United because he realised that the players we had would help him get the best out of himself and achieve what he wanted to achieve.

Do you keep in touch?
No, he’s always off filming in France and what not. But that’s the way it goes in football, you’re friendly with people and then you suddenly never see them again. For example, I used to be good mates with Andrei Kanchelskis but I’ve only bumped into him once since he left Old Trafford.

Excerpt taken from the Guardian.

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