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Ince: Berbatov is no Cantona

Tue, Oct 7, 2008


Paul Ince insists Dimitar Berbatov is NOT the new Eric Cantona.

Ince played alongside the Cantona for Sir Alex Ferguson’s 1994 Double winners and says Berbatov cannot be compared to him.

The Guv’nor feels Cantona was a class apart and that it is unfair to burden the former Tottenham man with such a comparison when he is already having to live up to his record £30.75m price tag.

“I don’t see the comparison between the two which other people are making,” he said.

“You can’t compare Berbatov and Cantona, they are different players.

“Cantona was a one-off and I think it’s a bit unfair to put that pressure on Berbatov straight away.”

Ince is fiercely protective of the memory of Ferguson’s first great side and maintains that it was the best of all his great Old Trafford teams.

“I don’t think the current side are better than we were,”

he said. “I think all the teams that Sir Alex has had have been fantastic. I’ve heard him refer to us as his dream team and we were a dream.

“What stands out about that 1993-94 team was the number of strong characters and egos that he had to deal with. It wasn’t so much our ability that made us so successful, but that arrogance.”

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