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Cantona: I’ll be the best manager in the world

Fri, Jun 27, 2008


Eric Cantona has revealed to Le Parisien that soon, perhaps after next month’s beach soccer World Cup, he will pursue yet another vocation.

“I will return to 11-a-side football just to become the best manager in the world – and that’s exactly what I’ll become,” trumpeted the man whom Manchester United fans still call King. “I will do the job as a creator and an artist. I want to give football something new.”

Asked where he foresaw this dream unfolding, Cantona ruled out his native France, saying, “Ligue 1 is miserable. It should be banned! We don’t have the best players in the world but most of all the managers are a pain in the ass … they shouldn’t be allowed to advocate such a cautious way of playing.”

Cantona does not aspire to lead his country, even though he claimed he would do a much better job than either the current incumbent, Raymond Domenech, or the rumoured heir, Didier Deschamps. “Obviously I would be the ideal person to manage France,” he quipped. “I would be able to put in place a more attractive style. Deschamps would be just a continuation of Domenech. But I don’t want the job and I certainly won’t be offered it.”

Cantona said his preferred place of employment would be Old Trafford or Soho Square. “English football flows through my veins and I would love to offer my vision to the English because it is a very beautiful vision.”

Source: The Guardian

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