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Cantona to star in football film

Wed, Jun 18, 2008


Eric Cantona is set to star in a new film, “Looking For Eric,” which is based on the story of a football fan. Cantona co-directs the film about a United fan who imagines the Frenchman by his side to help him cope with life’s challenges.

“I want the world to speak even more about the Manchester United fans after this film,” said Cantona.

“Many of my best memories are from when I was at the club and in Manchester. I’m very proud the fans still like me. I gave a lot for the club but the fans gave me so much back. It is something that will stay with me forever.

“I don’t know why the relationship I had with the fans, and the fans with me, was so special. I think that’s maybe a question that a United fan would have to answer. I think if you have personality then it interests the fans. I felt the relationship every time I was on the pitch.”

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